What remains of a life is just a collection of first times. Because they are the ones who give meaning to everything else. They are the ones that give you the strength to start something […]

Fragility made me stronger. Much stronger. Recognizing my mortality made everything infinitely deeper. Every time I allowed someone to see my limitations, my shortcomings or my pain I became a better person. More patient. More […]

It's hard to attain yourself to only one memory. Actually it's not a specific memory, but it’s afeeling. The feeling of belief. The feeling of believing that I could achieve something higher and bigger than […]

How far I can throw, nobody knows. Maybe I don't know it either, even though I've never had problems dreaming big. Inside those 8.8 pounds there is a density of thoughts, of stories, of past […]

It took me quite some time to understand that in the world there are not only climbers, but also soccer players, volleyball players, basketball players, and so on. For me it was normal to spend […]

"Hey Fanny, would you like to go to the Olympics?” “Ehm... yes. Sure! Why not!?” Here it is! It all started like this, more or less, with one of the simplest and most casual conversations […]

The human brain develops 80% of its volume during the first two years of life, letting your first 24 months on Earth determine much of the character you will have in the future. Everything takes […]

Hockey. Canada. The Olympics. My life could very well be described using only three words, the three words that I repeated to myself even during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games: hockey, Canada, and the Olympics. […]