Monty Ioane

One step forward. One step back. Jerk to the side, feint, speed change.   The idea starts from afar but then slams straight into someone else's. Like when I was a kid, and they took […]

Dad dedicated his whole life to volleyball. Mom, instead, to athletics and, although she did a little bit of everything, her absolute favorite discipline was the high jump. Here: I grew up as the direct […]

Sometimes the only thing more painful than training is not being able to do it. Sport is good, everyone knows that. Sport is good for physical and mental health. But when it becomes your job, […]

Beat Feuz

Complaining is always easy. We focus on what has been taken from us, or changed, without our consent. But then if we look closely, often we realize that in reality we have been more fortunate […]

I've always known what it means to work for nothing. Without having a profit or an economic return. I've always known what is the most important thing, between a dream and a penny, to have […]

Clemens Doppler

Dear Clemens, I know you think you don't have time to waste reading a stupid letter when instead you could be on some meadow scampering around, running, and jumping with your mates. So, you know […]

Everyone says they have a dream. Sophisticated, or simple. Unrealizable at the beginning or perfectly aligned with your own natural talents, the direct consequence of a path that fate has laid under your feet. Dreams […]

Daniel Ricciardo

I think that my very first memory about motorsport is down at the track while my father was racing. My mom was holding me and I clearly remember the noise and the smell of the […]

Aloha: hello, goodbye, love. To come from where I’m from, there is a strong premise.  An indelible message. Like graffiti on the wall, created by the Holy Artist who resides above us. Seemingly so beautiful […]

David Moss

It ‘s very difficult for me to stop and look back, I hardly ever do it. Giving space to memory and nostalgia it’s a way of being that does not belong to me, I prefer […]

Eric Maynor

I traveled during the night and reached my new teammates directly in Phoenix, more precisely at the US Airways Center. The Jazz had told me just few hours before about my trade, so I had […]