It took me quite some time to understand that in the world there are not only climbers, but also soccer players, volleyball players, basketball players, and so on. For me it was normal to spend […]

"Hey Fanny, would you like to go to the Olympics?” “Ehm... yes. Sure! Why not!?” Here it is! It all started like this, more or less, with one of the simplest and most casual conversations […]

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I would like it, at least, to make me happy. Happier. Because until today I haven't been happy enough. I’m just beginning to understand it. […]

I always try to look ahead, not to think about my past. But every time my parents say something, it comes back. Again and again. And it reminds me something about me, how it all […]

The village is small, and the people are many. So much so that it’s not even possible to count it. A thousand times a thousand. Then again, a thousand more times. And still It’s not […]

I've always been a hard worker. As simple as that. Sometimes you don't need to go that far back, or that much deeper to tell a good story. The core is already there. Simple. That’s […]

The speed gene is difficult to explain. Few understand it. Very few have it. And no one is really able to explain it.   It’s like having a small chip, under the skin, right at […]

The human brain develops 80% of its volume during the first two years of life, letting your first 24 months on Earth determine much of the character you will have in the future. Everything takes […]

My older sister Inna was the first to start figure skating. She is about two years older than I am, so, of course, I was interested in everything she did. I would sometimes watch her […]

Hockey. Canada. The Olympics. My life could very well be described using only three words, the three words that I repeated to myself even during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games: hockey, Canada, and the Olympics. […]

Every coin, just like every story, has two sides. And most people, if they see one, don't see the other. Neither is false, neither is less important, neither version will ever be complete. Ignorance is […]

Monty Ioane

One step forward. One step back. Jerk to the side, feint, speed change.   The idea starts from afar but then slams straight into someone else's. Like when I was a kid, and they took […]

Dad dedicated his whole life to volleyball. Mom, instead, to athletics and, although she did a little bit of everything, her absolute favorite discipline was the high jump. Here: I grew up as the direct […]

Sometimes the only thing more painful than training is not being able to do it. Sport is good, everyone knows that. Sport is good for physical and mental health. But when it becomes your job, […]

Beat Feuz

Complaining is always easy. We focus on what has been taken from us, or changed, without our consent. But then if we look closely, often we realize that in reality we have been more fortunate […]

I've always known what it means to work for nothing. Without having a profit or an economic return. I've always known what is the most important thing, between a dream and a penny, to have […]