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My older sister Inna was the first to start figure skating. She is about two years older than I am, so, of course, I was interested in everything she did. I would sometimes watch her […]

Hockey. Canada. The Olympics. My life could very well be described using only three words, the three words that I repeated to myself even during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games: hockey, Canada, and the Olympics. […]

Every coin, just like every story, has two sides. And most people, if they see one, don't see the other. Neither is false, neither is less important, neither version will ever be complete. Ignorance is […]

I've always known what it means to work for nothing. Without having a profit or an economic return. I've always known what is the most important thing, between a dream and a penny, to have […]

Aloha: hello, goodbye, love. To come from where I’m from, there is a strong premise.  An indelible message. Like graffiti on the wall, created by the Holy Artist who resides above us. Seemingly so beautiful […]

David Moss

It ‘s very difficult for me to stop and look back, I hardly ever do it. Giving space to memory and nostalgia it’s a way of being that does not belong to me, I prefer […]

Eric Maynor

I traveled during the night and reached my new teammates directly in Phoenix, more precisely at the US Airways Center. The Jazz had told me just few hours before about my trade, so I had […]