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Sometimes the only thing more painful than training is not being able to do it. Sport is good, everyone knows that. Sport is good for physical and mental health. But when it becomes your job, […]

S port taught me a lot, but it never prepared me for what would come after. Many things have changed in my life since I retired, and I am still trying to figure out what […]

Kjetil André Aamodt had a glittering career and he won a lot of races. His trophy cabinet contains a collection of cups and medals that makes you think, or better, firmly believe, that you’re in […]

As a child I wasn’t exactly a model student. I didn’t have an aptitude for studying and spent most of my time resting my chin in my hand feeling bored. I used to stare through […]

I’ve won my fair share of races, and of medals too. I reached the top and became the best of the best. I claim credit for that. And yet my most cherished memory, my perfect […]

2017 was my best season so far, and I remember a special moment from that year, that I experienced in Cortina. My entire family had arrived to see me compete and I always feel different […]

I’m really excited to put a high level of skiing in a race again, especially in a giant slalom. Because skiing and winning at that level is really tough and I still feel like I’m […]

Beat Feuz

Complaining is always easy. We focus on what has been taken from us, or changed, without our consent. But then if we look closely, often we realize that in reality we have been more fortunate […]

Before me. After me. The ‘Attacking Vikings’ existed before I made the national team and there is no doubt that they will still exist when I retire from competition. When the great champions from the […]

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